Uncle Sensei
Divekick Uncle Sensei
Do not attempt to play Divekick underwater.
Vital statistics
Title Legendary Divekick Master
Origin Divekick
Voice Actors Unknown
Activities Master Divekicker, Sensei to Dive and Kick
Weapons and Powers Divekicks
If I had a nickle for every tip I've given, I wouldn't be so damn hungry.
— Uncle Sensei

Uncle Sensei is a legendary master in the art of tournament divekicking from the Divekick fighting game from Iron Galaxy Studios. Born in Clearfield, PA, Uncle was captivated by the fighting-sport from a young age and he, along with his sister, began to practice to become one of the greatest Tournament Divekickers in the history of the sport. Uncle Sensei likes America, Divekicking, Food, Bluegrass and his family, while he dislikes Hunger, Stat Officials, Lawyers, and "The oversized rodent that keeps stealing his cigars". He has a health of 1,100 and a power of 1,137,041,897.

Though he is retired, on the rare occasion that Uncle Sensei competes in professional Divekicking matches, or whenever he spars alongside the students he trains at his dojo, he no longer Divekicks using his legs. Instead, Uncle Sensei wears boots over his hands, and he Divekicks using his arms- an intentional handicap, as his skill and power as an undefeated Divekick legend make him far more dangerous with his legs than any other mortal on the planet.



Before he could enter the Divekick tournaments and live his dream, Uncle Sensei entered the army to fight in the Invasion of Grenada. After his final tour of duty, he settled down on his own small plot of land where he constructed his own dojo, before entering the tournaments himself. Uncle Sensei's skills were unmatched, and he earned a 10 year long flawless winstreak, transforming him into a super-star and kick-starting the popularity of the Divekick sport. Everything changed for Uncle Sensei when he fought the underhanded Mr. N. While Sensei's skills sent N to the loser's bracket, Mr. N used his vast sums of money to throw off the tournament results and skew things in his favor- and by the time officials realized what had happened, there was no choice but to disqualify everyone in the tournament, Uncle Sensei included.

Infamous for his horrid finance management skills, Uncle Sensei found himself in a dangerous position following the disqualification, and it soon became apparent that he would not be able to re-enter the tournament the following year, and that Mr. N's meddling would force him into an early retirement. Uncle Sensei decided to focus on ebbing out a living by teaching his art to young up-and-coming fighters at his dojo, including his beloved nephews- Dive and Kick. He would also come to gain a bitter rivalry with the Canadian Skunk-Bear Redacted, who constantly stole cigars from him.


  • Uncle Sensei is a parody of the "old mentor" archetype in fighting games, most notably Street Fighter's Gouken.
  • Uncle Sensei likewise parodies load screen tutorials, giving comical advice during each load.