Another amazing appearance for the King of Cameos! Take that Hitchcock!
— Stan Lee

The Stan Lee Adventure Pack is a downloadable add-on for The Amazing Spider-Man, released initially as a pre-order bonus for anyone who purchased the game on before the release date of June 26, 2012. As the name implies, the DLC gives players access to a new playable skin replacing Spider-Man with the co-creator of the Marvel Universe and fan beloved icon, Stan "The Man" Lee. Stan Lee lends his voice to the character, replacing all of Spider-Man's lines in the game with humorous references and jokes from the iconic writer. The DLC also includes a full story mission starring Stan Lee.

While nothing has been confirmed one way or another, it's safe to assume that this Adventure Pack is non-canon.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Stan Lee
  • Spider-Man


While working in his Manhattan studios, famous comic book writer Stan Lee has the entire contents of his manuscript blown out the window into the city. Utilizing all of the powers of one of his characters, the Amazing Spider-Man, Stan Lee must hunt down and recover the fifteen pages of the manuscript that have blown out into the city. Utilizing the web shooters, Stan Lee quickly caught all the pages; revealing a comic book where he sets Spider-Man straight on why he makes Peter Parker's life so hard, and then assembles the entire cast of the game to do a massive dance party throughout Manhattan to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Spider-Man franchise.


Stan Lee is essentially just a special playable skin for the Spider-Man already in the game- he has all of Spidey's moves such as web-swinging and web shooters, super strength, increased super human mobility and spidey sense, but now all of these feats of power are coming from the hilarious 90 year old Stan Lee. Entering Web Rush mode while playing as Stan Lee still goes into first person, but instead of selecting things through the reflective eyes of the Spider-Man mask, players will see the world through the writer's iconic glasses instead.