Every man is guily of the good he did not do.
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the First Sons
Origin inFAMOUS
Voice Actors Sam A. Mowry
Activities Leading the First Sons, fighting Cole MacGrath.
Weapons and Powers Electricity-based super powers.
What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to take the beating. Hell, to love the beating - no matter how great the pain, never wavering from what needs to be done. Think you can remember that?
— Kessler

As dangerous as he is enigmatic, Kessler is the brutal leader of the First Sons, a secret society dedicated to the advancement of mankind through paranormal and super human means. Kessler is a conduit, a man with super powers hidden in his genes, allowing him to create and control electricity, which made him a devastating foe to face in combat, and allowed him to seize control of anything and everything he needed. For decades, Kessler has been preparing a plan- a plan that involves a mysterious device known as the Ray Sphere and centered around a man named Cole MacGrath.

Secretly, Kessler is actually Cole MacGrath from a future alternate timeline- using his powers to change the course of history and ensure that Cole can do what he never could- stop a destructive conduit called The Beast from destroying all of humanity.



Non-Canon HistoryEdit

Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit

Kessler Costume

Kessler appears as a DLC costume for the good version of Cole MacGrath, with the coat shortened to fit the character model. Kessler's alternate colors include Pre-Timeskip, the clothes Kessler wore before he traveled to the past, Black, where his robe becomes black and his hood gray, and Blue, where Kessler's robes are blue and his hood brown as a possible reference to Alex Mercer, the protagonist of inFamous rival series, Prototype.



  • inFAMOUS
  • inFAMOUS 2 (mentioned only)
    • inFAMOUS 2: Kessler Skin Add On