Daisy Fitzroy
The Liberator
Vital statistics
Title Hero of the People
Origin BioShock Infinite
Voice Actors Kimberley D. Brooks
Activities Leading the Vox Populi
Weapons and Powers Sky-Hook, Broadsider Pistol, Vox Repeater, Vox Heater, Vox Burstgun, Vox Hail Fire
You see, The Founders ain't nothing but weeds: Cut'em down, they'll just grow back. If you wanna get rid of the weed, you got to pull it up from the root.
— Daisy to Booker DeWitt

Daisy Fitzroy is the intelligent former slave and brutal leader of the Vox Populi, and a central character in BioShock Infinite's story.


When I first seen Columbia, that sky was the brightest, bluest sky that ever was. Seemed like...heaven. Then your eyes adjusted to the light and you saw that sea of white faces lookin' hard back at you...
— Daisy Fitzroy

Daisy was brought to Columbia by Fink Industries as a prisoner, and eventually became the housekeeper for Lady Comstock, whom she admired for being such a genuine person for someone with a high social status. After the death of the first Lady, Daisy was accused of her murder, causing her to flee and form the Vox Populi as a result. Several years later, she was arrested in Finkton for the murder of Lady Comstock and activities with the Vox.

Daisy was then sent to Dr. Pinchot at the Comstock House, who interviewed her through the course of a week. It was suggested by Dr. Kittery to Dr. Pinchot that Daisy have a lobotomy. After a conducted intelligence test on Fitzroy, it is revealed that she is labeled a genius, and scored higher than even Pinchot.

Pinchot became fascinated with Daisy's intelligence, and intervened her planned lobotomy. Pinchot, as a result, supplies Daisy and allows her to escape, but is killed by Daisy soon afterwards.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

After boarding the First Lady Airship and being knocked unconscious by Elizibeth for lying, Booker meets Daisy Fitzroy after she hijacks the ship. Fitzroy demands Booker to obtain guns from a gunsmith in Finkton in order to get the airship back. Upon finding the gunsmith, Chen Lin, dead, Elizibeth opens a tear to an alternate Columbia where Chen Lin had never died. After retrieving Lin's tools for him, Booker and Elizibeth step into another tear where the Vox Populi are supplied with firearms, and see Booker as their ally.

Upon hearing of Booker's "return", Fitzroy labels him either "an imposter or a ghost", as she saw the Booker of her universe die with her own eyes. Booker and Elizibeth manage to locate Daisy, and view him killing Jeremiah Fink, and wiping his blood on her face. She then sets her men on Booker, and after a fierce firefight with the Vox, Daisy holds a child at gunpoint, and attempts to justify her behavior. Booker lifts Elizibeth into a vent, and distracts Daisy before she can shoot the child. Elizibeth sneaks up on the raging Fitzroy from behind, and stabs her through her chest. Daisy falls and dies from loss of blood.


  • Daisy is the Columbia-universe version of Atlas from the Rapture-universe. Both characters started out as small people at the time of their arrival in Columbia and Rapture, retrospectively. Eventually leading to rebellions that start a war that lead to the downfall of their cities. Both characters also forge an alliance with the protagonist, and eventually betray them after getting what they wanted, and go mad with power. Daisy was stabbed and killed by Elizabeth; much like how Atlas is killed when several Little Sisters repeatedly stab him with their needles.