Booker DeWitt
"One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all."
Vital statistics
Title The False Shepherd
Origin BioShock Infinite (2013)
Voice Actors Troy Baker
Activities Fighting, Private Investigating, Rescuing Elizabeth from Columbia
Weapons and Powers A wide variety of firearms and Vigors
Bring us the girl...and wipe away the debt.
— Booker DeWitt reciting his deal

Booker DeWitt is a thirty-eighty year old male, and a former Pinkerton Agent. Through his vocalization, DeWitt reveals his past experiences, and shows his ability to make decisions for himself. DeWitt seeks to pay out a debt from excessive drinking and gambling, and in doing so, stumbles into the flying city of Columbia, embarking on a quest to find the girl and escape the city to pay his debt.


Booker was once a part of the 7th Calvary Regiment of the United States Army, and fought in the Battle of Wounded Knee, where he gained the nickname "The White Injun" due to him taking trophies from his kills. His actions at Wounded Knee caused him severe depression and mental scarring, leading to alcoholism and gambling. He became a member of the Pinkerton Agency, being tasked with breaking up union strike efforts. He was eventually disgraced to due to his extreme actions on the job. DeWitt's wife eventually passed away while giving birth to their child, Anna. 


Booker on the rowboat with the Luteces.

In 1912, Booker is contacted by a client giving him a chance to pay off his debts. The client gives Booker information about the job, being tasked with locating and escorting a young woman named Elizabeth to New York City. DeWitt arrives at a Lighthouse, being dropped off by two scientists by row boat. Exploring the Lighthouse, Booker discovers a series of gruesome notes written in blood, reminding him to pay off his debts, these include a bloody, tied-up corpse. Reaching the top of the Lighthouse, Booker is strapped into a chair inside of a strange machine. The machine launches, sending him up at high speeds above the clouds, and into Columbia.


  • BioShock Infinite